Welcome to my Free Chaldean Numerology Program!

This is the "normal" online version of the Chaldean Numerology program based on "Star Signs" by Linda Goodman. Click here to view it in French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese, which is a Google Gadget or here for the quicker English only version, which is also a Google Gadget. Click here to discuss Numerology further, or click here to go to my home page. There is one difference with this program compared to the other two (other than its size) - the Number button will return the compound meaning of an entered number (if one exists) instead of the single. This is because I find this useful sometimes. If it returns 52 for example, merely enter 7 to see the single number meaning. The other programs will only return the single, so you will not be able to see the compound. Anyhow, happy number crunching and may all your numbers be kind!

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